Problem Solving Toolbox

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Evaluate risk

Risk management seeks to assign priority in response to the severity of the risk. There are many approaches to achieve that goal, but Secure SHEQ implements widely used assessment of the magnitude of the risk via the Risk Matrix. The risk magnitude is represented as a function of consequence (impact of risk event) and likelihood (of occurrence). In Secure SHEQ setup Risk Matrices according to your company's guidelines: set number of rows and columns, loss types & descriptions, set ranges, their colour and hi-values.

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Escalate any SHEQ issue to 5WHYS

Perform 5WHYS on any issue reported via the SHEQ form (or you can start 5WHYS investigation and then add a SHEQ form later). 5WHYS is the concept of not just accepting the first obvious reason for something happening. 5WHYS encourages people to ask Why? again, and again. 5WHYS is surprisingly powerful, and often provides enough insight to understand the problem.

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Escalate 5WHYS to 12steps RCA

Perform 12steps Root Cause Analyses (RCA) on any issue that poses significant threat and/or which likely has more than one cause.

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Effortlessly build Cause Trees

The Cause Tree is the tool that many people associate with Root Cause Analysis. It provides the framework that allows the investigation to apply increasing amount of effort until the facts are established and proven with hard evidence. Secure SHEQ allows you to build Cause Trees of any size and complexity: add as many alternative causes (OR logic) or combination causes (AND logic) as required. Assign actions to causes, add criticality, evidence, and more.

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Manage actions

Use the Action Management within Secure SHEQ software to keep track of what tasks have been assigned, and how they are progressing. See progress for each action, filter and sort actions by persons, causes, seven different statuses and five different milestones. Colour coding by due date (from Overdue to 90+ Days) in one glance tells which actions need immediate attention and who is responsible..

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Human Factors (HF)

Use built-in library of Human Factors (HF) to quickly add most common branches to your Cause Tree. Human Factors are good practical way to move past the dead end, imposed when a branch of a cause tree ends with a vague cause like 'Human error'. Secure SHEQ has Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) implemented. The classification system is in effect a cause tree with many potential branches which otherwise would be difficult to memorise and use during an investigation.

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Extensive reports during and after problem analysis

STANDARD REPORTS: Brief report, Incident, Run chart, Cause Tree, Actions, Evidence, 30 60 90 Action, Actions & Comments, All Actions, 12STEPS, Combination).
SUMMARY REPORTS: For all Users, Actions, Action management, Preset site reports
CUSTOM ISSUE REPORTS: On an issue you can create any imaginable report within minutes, using available data fields.
DYNAMIC REPORTS: Analyse dynamic data collected via the SHEQ forms with easy to create population reports, which involve data gathering and statistics across multiple issues.
GLOBAL REPORTS: Preset Global reports on any number of issues, across company's sites or business units.

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6sigma DMAIC

(DMAIC – Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control). You can apply 6sigma DMAIC overlay over the entire 12steps Root Cause Analysis (RCA) you have done, or you are working on within the Secure SHEQ software, and see if there are any missing steps and elements of the steps.





Secure SHEQ’s Problem Solving Toolbox enables you not only find root causes of elusive problems, but help analyse your successes and point to opportunities.

  • Eliminate potential threats & incidents
  • Dig into irregular problem occurrences
  • Solve costly & uncertain conditions
  • Analyse wider systemic issues & conditions
  • Eliminate wasted processes, time & money
  • Trigger alerts & preventive activities
  • Improve environmental & safety practices
  • Source solutions, on budget, on time
  • New peak efficiencies & breakthroughs
  • Identify patterns & trends
  • Protect & preserve strategic assets
  • Recognise & realise hidden potential
  • Knowledge management, expert system
  • Workforce retention & succession planning
  • Improve quality & take lead in innovation
  • Improve processes & communication
All businesses make errors. Those that don't understand the reasons for failure can not hope to implement successful countermeasures and could certainly make similar errors again. Best organisations look for errors, learn from their mistakes.
Routinely incorporate a review of risks on all issues, in such a way that makes the vital few critical issues visible at the right level of accountability.
Some issues or problems occur only in combination with certain factors and special circumstances. Understanding and noticing each such combination is an exhausting process if you don't have a good problem solving and issue management tool.
Problem elimination delivers improved product quality, money saved and potential hazards avoided, fine tuning of processes, less friction within different organisational groups, smoother flow of information, reduction of clutter and misinformation, better knowledge sharing and overall satisfaction — all possible to achieve with RCA2GO.

Many repeating problems in our lives arise from deep systemic issues; they can be deeply embedded in wrong practices and mindsets. Solving them requires a "no blame" objective approach exploring new avenues of thought. Let RCA2GO help you investigate systemic causes and implement change.
In theory, all organisations love their employees. But too often failure leads to blame, damaging trust, cooperation and respect. Address the systemic issues underlying the failure by using RCA Rt, to give employees the best chance to succeed.
You know you are good, have the best people and ideas, but also know you can be better? Where is that hidden issue that prevents you from reaching new heights? Employ RCA Rt in all aspects of your processes, share knowledge and your insights will become deeper.

Is it a trend, or a random occurrence? Who reported it first time? Who tracked it since? With whom was the issue shared? Was it escalated? What else was noted during each occurrence? Does it align with established trends? Use RCA Rt to capture the facts.
Keeping your strategic assets in best possible shape is not a matter of "maintenance to return to as good as new" — it needs to be better than new, by removing the reasons for failure. True understanding is required and clear documentation to avoid introducing unforeseen errors with "improvement ".
A proverbial pot of gold may be buried under your doorstep, but you may know nothing about it. Use RCA Rt to analyse both problems and successes, to reveal hidden potential and unexpected new possibilities. Use RCA Rt to analyse the root cause(s) of success, so that it can be repeated.

Use RCA Rt to help you in continuous improvement of business processes and workflows, overcoming the risks of an ageing workforce, minimising silo mentality, understanding real business needs, leadership development, managing business information, and much more.
Use RCA2GO to help you map major processes within your organisation. Expand further into smaller branches, recognise defects and waste. Optimise processes, to help you save time and money, increase productivity.
Leaving the environment in even better condition than you found it, taking care of the wellbeing of your people, and at the same time reaching new levels of efficiency, are one and same goal for today's responsible organisations and business. Let RCA Rt help you analyse and improve yours.

RCA Rt enables you to chart and track complex processes, capture comments, notes, alerts, and describe in detail all preventive activities that must be triggered and completed at a certain time, at a certain place, to overcome difficulties and solve problems forever.
For many questions in problem solving you may or may not have the right answer within the organisation, or within the team. However, at any time you may source external help, invite experts to join your real world RCA Rt and online RCA2GO team, plan all well ahead, on budget, on time.
By eliminating issues in your production and fine tuning overall operations, significant quality improvements are possible. But not only that — such new efficiency becomes a platform for unprecedented innovation. To boldly go where no one has gone before is not a science fiction any more, but becomes a reality.