Complete Issue Management


Secure SHEQ is the fully integrated SHEQ Issue Management & Problem-solving software. It empowers your team to capture data, analyse it, manage issues & solve problems. Secure SHEQ is the result of over 2 decades of developing leading problem-solving methodologies and software, trusted by hundreds of organisations and thousands of trainees.



All-in-one Issue Management

Secure SHEQ enables your entire team to collect data, track and report on issues:
  • Complete record keeping.
  • Customise and choose between different views on SHEQ forms and issues.
  • Create own viewing presets.
  • Powerful search & filtering. Sorting. Tags.
  • Create, test and deploy your SHEQ forms in minutes. more ⇢
  • All your data, issues and solutions are managed safely and securely in one place, for records and training purposes.
How can Secure SHEQ help you and your team in the complex SHEQ landscape? more ⇢
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Problem Solving

Unlike any other issue management software, Secure SHEQ comes with fully integrated Problem solving:

  • Complete risk management.
  • Risk-based escalation.
  • 5WHYS problem-solving.
  • 12steps Root Cause Analysis (RCA) with Cause Trees, 6sigma DMAIC & Action Management.


Is Secure SHEQ right for you?

If your team, business or organisation uses in its operations any of the following acronyms,
then Secure SHEQ is the right tool for your needs:
Secure SHEQ
Occupational health and safety  
Work health and safety
Health, safety and environment
Environment, health and safety
Safety health and environment
Quality, health, safety, and environment
Health, safety, environment and quality
Health, safety, security and environment
Quality, health, safety, security and environment
Health, safety, security, environment and quality


The landscape of a SHEQ system

All organisations today are required to develop SHEQ systems that do some, or all of the following within the landscape of your environment, industry and organisation:

Industry & peers

  • Measure the company's environmental impact
  • Ensure the company's legislative expectations are met
  • Standardise input from temporary workers and third party personnel
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Easier third-party audits
  • Easier benchmarking
  • Increase prospects as an attractive employer
  • Keep accurate records of all SHEQ issues
  • Make feasible changes in working conditions
  • Cooperate between departments
  • Develop proper risk profiles
  • Avoid penalties
Products & services, processes
Prevention & treatment
Training & improvement

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  • Prevent injuries
  • Providing safe and healthful working conditions
  • Target high hazard workplaces
  • Reduce workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities
  • Publish post injury and illness summary data
  • Training of new personnel
  • Inform workers through training
  • Maintaining and improving health and safety standards
  • Performance review
  • Record all anomalies
  • Create reports to evaluate your processes
  • Enable learning and use of best practice
  • Maintain quality
  • Compliance assistance
  • Perform tests in the workplace
  • Roll out SHEQ improvement programs


Managing even some of these is not an easy task, but in today’s business environment is necessary and it can be easier to accomplish if the right tools and methods are used. Secure SHEQ is user-friendly and highly customisable, accessible from all devices and platforms. It will help you manage all your SHEQ issues with ease.