Capture. Analyse. Solve.

Secure SHEQ is the fully integrated SHEQ Issue Management & Problem-solving software.
It empowers your team to capture data, analyse it and solve problems.


Secure SHEQ has 200+ features. Some of them: 

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+ Various configurable views on all your SHEQ forms and issues.

+ Easy to build
Cause Trees

+ Body Diagrams.
Add and configure them as you wish.

+ Action Management.
Add as many actions as you can track.

Power and flexibility of Secure SHEQ

Complete Issue Management System

Complete Issue Management System

Customise and choose between different views on SHEQ forms and issues. Complete record keeping. Action management. Track corrective and preventative actions. All your data, issues and solutions managed safely and securely in one place, for records and training purposes. Escalation to problem solving. 5WHYS and Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Etc.
SHEQ Form Designer

SHEQ Form Designer

Standardise input across your teams and sites. Design and deploy entry forms in minutes. Drag and drop lists, SCAT diagrams, etc. into your forms. Standardise data collection forms required by your industry or your exact SHEQ needs. Create subforms you can use to build more complex forms.
SHEQ Report Designer

SHEQ Report Designer

Virtually limitless reports, which you can fine tune as you or your industry require. Single issue report custom summary report on any issue. Population report data gathering & statistics across multiple issues. Variable analysis (histograms) track behaviour of any variable in certain intervals (e.g. LTIFR). Category analysis (bar charts). Extensive filtering options, custom calculations. Preview, save and export your reports.

Power and flexibility of Secure SHEQ

Risk management

Risk Management

Assign and monitor risks. Use dynamic reporting to discern new risks, trends, recurring issues and possible threats. Use risk to escalate issues which pose a threat, or which can't be solved intuitively. Setup Risk Matrices according to your company's guidelines: set likelihoods and consequences, loss types and descriptions, set ranges, their colours and hi-values. And more ...
Problem solving toolkit

Problem solving toolkit

Perform 5WHYS on any incident reported via the SHEQ form or standalone. 2 Perform Root Cause Analyses (RCA) on any incident. Effortlessly build Cause Trees. 3 Extensive reports during and after problem analysis. Use built-in library of Human Factors (HF) to quickly add most common branches to your Cause Tree. And more ...
For all teams

User-friendly & scalable

Any number of sites, any number of employees, any number of issues, across virtually all industries. With Secure SHEQ all functions are in one application (no modules). Your users have a complete system, rather than multiple systems to collect, manage and report data. Ensure consistency of inputs, analysis and reporting. Customise which options are visible or invisible. And more ...

Some features: 

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+ Dynamic data reports (Lost Time Injury Frequency, Trends, etc)

+ Add pictures and files in your
SHEQ forms from any device

+ Human
Factors (HF)

+ Endless